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Bringing Homes and People Together ... That is our Mission

Eddie Buehler, Managing Director
Here at Seaboard Properties we can help you find your ideal home in the sun. It can be an affordable bungalow, a luxury beachfront villa, a city studio or a high end seaside apartment, we will do our very best to meet your specifications. We offer a comprehensive, friendly service free of charge for you as a buyer-client, providing information and guidance through your entire selecting and buying process.

If you want to create your very own dream home, we can put it in reality. We provide a Turnkey Project Service; from planning, permits to realization. A daily routine of our team is also the remodeling of apartments for foreigners. Our highly experienced construction team guaranteed European Quality. Bottom-line is the satisfaction of the homeowner, we are always striving to build the perfect home with no problems, no surprises, no delays, no cost overruns...kind of the "First Class Seat" of the construction business and it will cost you less than "Business Class". Our competitive quotations are provided free of charge and without obligation. Let us show you some of our recently completed projects.

If you're interested in selling your property, the Seaboard Property Team is well prepared to assist. We market and promote our property listing in every major publication across the region, as well as on our website, signboards and online classifieds. We have the experience to sell your property quick and efficient. Our 5% sales commission includes all broker fees, no hidden costs.


If your ideal home does not exist - we build it for you

Highest Ethical Standards

Our friendly team
We remain true to our founding values of quality honesty and hard work. We have the highest ethical standards in the industry. We do the right thing. Seaboard Properties & Construction is a business based on trust.

We are consistently associated with the high standards of service, quality, personal attention to clients, and integrity.

Client Driven

We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business. We want the client to feel that our team is absolutely committed to achieve clients satisfaction ...that's what distinguishes us. Personal attention to our clients as individuals caring about them as individuals, as our espected friends."

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