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4 Essential Considerations of Renting a Property in Pattaya

House for Rent in Pattaya


Pattaya has a glut of properties available for rent or to buy from swanky beach facing condo’s to large three bedroom houses in quiet residential areas.


The first consideration is should you rent or buy, then next you must opt for what type of dwelling you prefer.


Other factors should also be taken into account once you have satisfied the first two criteria and we look into what they are below.


Rent or Buy?

First you must make a choice between renting or buying. It really all depends on your disposable income and how long you want to stay in Thailand. There is no point really investing in purchasing a property if you are not certain of your future.


Also by the same token it is most advisable before you part with a significant amount of money that you rent in the same condo or house before you buy.


Buying can possibly gain extra revenue and can be a long term investment if you have selected correctly. But the other side of the coin is that can you do more to invest your capital to get a better return?


Factors to consider when Renting

One of the main factors to take into account when renting is location. This is one of the most critical decisions you have to make. You may have the most desireable property but if it is situated in the wrong place then you will have a miserable life.


Research the area fully before you sign a rental agreement, if possible try and live in the area you have selected in a hotel for a couple of nights.


This will give you the opportunity to ask questions of the local inhabitants about noise, amenities, hospitals, schools and shopping.


Is the area easy accessible by good roads and public transport? Can you park your car anywhere near your property?


Choice of Property

This really depends on circumstances of how big your family is and what size of living accommodation you prefer. There is no point renting a studio apartment if you are married with three kids.


Also if you are thinking of renting in a condominium check for hidden service charges that are over and above the rental fee.


It is a common practise in Pattaya to charge extra for utility usage, make sure your landlord is being fair in the electricity and water costs per unit.



When you are satisfied you have chosen the right property and in the correct location then tie your landlord down to a contract that lays down all that you have agreed.


These contracts can be found on the internet and will protect your rights and deposit money by law.


It is a common occurrence for landlords to try and withhold deposits for reasons outside your liability. For instance retaining money for items needing repair because they have come to their natural end is not your responsibility.


Repairs and running maintenance of normal wear and tear is the responsibility of the landlord so ensure you specify such items in the contract. Repairing rotting windows, leaky bathroom, faulty A/C units and other such problems are not the tenant's problem.


Taking all these factors into account then you can be secure in the knowledge of finding and moving into your new rental property in Pattaya.


If you find yourself looking to rent a house in pattaya or maybe thinking about a condo then we hope that this post will be of use.


For more information, why not talk to one of our Pattaya property experts today!