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Attractions Around Pattaya


One of the lovely things about having a condo near the beach is people will come and visit you. When they do come and visit you have an excuse to do all those touristy things that sound like so much fun but that we never do ourselves living in such a grand tourist location. Now we get to play tour guide to our guest! Three of the most exciting and different tourist attractions in all of Pattaya are very close to many of the houses available for rent or purchase by Seaboard Properties in Na Kluea.

Explore the Sanctuary of Truth, an all wooden structure by the sea that has been hand carved by Thai artisans and is not yet complete, despite ongoing construction for nearly two decades. Some say because of the constant erosion from the wind and water that it will never be finished. Head away from the sea and into the hills and take an All Terrain Vehicle Adventure through the jungles of East Pattaya. Or go beyond the coast and out to sea to become a pirate on the good ship Admirillica!

Sanctuary of Truth

The Sancturay of Truth Pattaya

One eccentric millionaires vision of Heaven brought to life through art in the Sanctuary of Truth. This giant wooden structure spans two rai of land and soars 105 metres into the sky at its peak point. It has been constructed using ancient Thai ingenuity to stand up to the mighty winds that Pattaya has been named for.

The wooden carvings depict the “Ancient Vision of Earth”, “Ancient Knowledge”, and “Eastern Philosophy.” The intention is for visitors to comprehend Ancient life, the roots of basic thoughts, the life cycle, life and relationships, humans and their responsibility, and the common goal of everything in the universe which is to strive toward Utopia.

The philosophy behind the Sanctuary of Truth is to bring a sense of nature back to the people. So much has been influenced by Western culture, greed, and materialism. People have drifted away from searching their souls and universe for meaning and peace. This sanctuary depictcs harmony among religion, philosophy, and art.

Tickets to tour the grounds of the Sanctuary of Truth are available online. The price for adults is 450 THB and children with a height between 110cm - 140 cm are 225 THB.


ATV Jungle Adventure Tours

For those seeking slightly more adventure than what the Sanctuary of Truth offers this next attraction is near many of the new homes available for sale by Seaboard Properties. It is sure to get your blood pumping and raise your adrenaline levels. Get off road and into the mud. Time to get dirty! ATV Jungle Adventure Tours has several tours available by either Quad runner or Motorcross.

The ATV tour is for all skill levels. Ride on a 330cc engine Polaris ATV imported from the USA, or a 360cc Fun Buggy. Take the guided tour through jungle, and farmland east of Pattaya. The loop is 41km and everyone is sure to have a great time. There are plenty of opportunities for awesome photos. When you go in a group several of the members will be given Gopro cameras and the footage will be available for purchase after the ride. Your friendly tour guides will also stop at strategic places to snap some action shots of you getting dirty on your ATV.

In addition to the ATVs there are a number of Motocross bikes available for two tours. A beginner's tour or the VIP tour. The VIP tour is 76 km long and is available in 4 different skillsets. Riders for the VIP tour will be tested to see their real riding ability and the tour will be set to the difficulty of the weakest rider. This tour is for experienced riders and will push your off road skills.

The VIP tours at the expert level are exactly that. If you are looking for a heart thumping crazy adventure and you show you can handle your bike your guide will take you screaming through the hills east of Pattaya.

Admirillica Pirate Dinner Cruise and Charter

Our last suggestion for the ultimate adventure is the pirate ship Admirillica. This authentically built pirate ship is all wood, with real sails, a crow's nest, and ships wheel with cannons for photos. The Admirillica Pirate Party Cruise ship does a nightly dinner cruise at sunset leaving from Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya.

You and your guests will go to the Bali Hai Pier a few minutes before 6 o’clock in the evening. Simply look for the pirates standing in the crowds. Go stand near the first pirate you spy and let him know you are going to be cruising with the good ship Admirillica this fine eve! The pirate will direct you to exactly where you need to be. When it gets time to depart the pirates will gather up the new crew and you will all board a speed boat that will take you out to the magnificent Admirillica.

Admirillica Pirate Dinner Cruise and Charter


Have your camera ready! They approach the ship from the perfect angles for catching the sunset, or sometimes the moon rising or setting over the ship.

Board the ship and go exploring! Great photo ops at the ship's wheel, or on the cannons, or just over the side with Pattaya lit up in the background.

You will receive a welcome drink of fresh juice with a shot of rum, a delicious buffet dinner is served midway through the cruise, and a full blown pirate show will be put on after dinner. The cruise lasts about three hours, and is a nice peaceful trip across the bay for a sunset meal and cocktail.

There are a number of things to do in and around Pattaya. Take to the high seas, explore the jungles, or ponder the purpose of mankind here on earth. The choice is yours.