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 Considerations of Buying a Property in Pattaya

Buying a property anywhere is a serious business and especially abroad, needless to say buying a property in Thailand is far more complicated than say the UK or the USA. At least in those places you have a common language to understand but in Asia things are very different.

However, the basic underlying questions are still the same and there are nine common questions to be addressed. Read on to find out the all important information when it comes to either buying a condo or a house in Pattaya, Thailand.


Does the property represent a good investment ?

Look at other properties in the area and compare prices, is the valuation fair? Establish why the owner is selling and if it is a justifiable reason. Look at other similar properties that are for sale, if there are many then perhaps there is a problem.  


What type of property do you prefer?

Condo or House? Decide exactly ahead which property you wish and do not go off on a whim. If you are undecided in your selection then you may be easily persuaded to opt for a property that you do not really want.


What area is best for you? What is your lifestyle?

The size of the condo depends directly on your personal requirements and what you intend the home to be. For instance if you wish to work from home you may wish to put an office high on your priorities. Or if you exercise at home then you will need plenty of space.


What size and number of bedrooms do you require?

Bedrooms are personal, perhaps one for each member of the family and a guest room if you like entertaining.


What features & amenities do you expect?

Ensure that the condo has all that you would require of a home or that you are able to add at a later date. A talented cook would require a state of the art kitchen, an artist may want a well lit studio, a film buff would require a top notch entertainment system.


Is the home aesthetically pleasing to you?

Do you feel at home in your new condo, does it please your eye. Often first impressions are right and if you initially think the place is dark and dingy then it probably is and you will regret your decision.


How will you get around?

If you have opted for a cliff top secluded condo think about the practicalities of getting around. Is the property on major bus, train routes? Will you have to buy new transport just to live there?


Establish a realistic budget; remember that lower price does not necessarily mean better value

Of utmost importance, work out your budget before hand and stick to it. Do not be tempted to use all your contingency money on the purchase price. Do your figures before hand where you are not financially extended.


Choose an area / building that suits your lifestyle

Location, location, location; three words that estate agents use all the time. The area where you wish to live is probably more important than the actual property. Does it have the schools, golf courses, work location, hospitals etc nearby that you require.

Following these general guidelines should help you to narrow down the property you want. Also take the advice of professional companies such as Seaboard Properties in Pattaya.

Whether you are looking for a condo for sale in Pattaya or a house for sale in Pattaya, Seaboard Properties is a name you can trust.
For more information, contact our friendly team today!