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Feng Shui Design Tips

Feng-Shui is the practise of arranging furniture and other items in a home in a way that makes them work in harmony with nature. The goal is to channel mystic energies and life forces in a way that has a positive effect on those living in the home. This is said to bring much luck and a happy life to those practicing it, and has been popular in China, where it originated, for thousands of years.

Hiring a Feng Shui expert can be costly as they tend to charge quite a lot for their services. That doesn’t mean that you have to miss out altogether, though, as there is plenty of information available that will help you to do it yourself. Follow these simple tips, and you are well on your way to a home that channels these mystical energies in a way that helps to bring happiness and prosperity to your home. These tips can be applied to pretty much any home, whether it is a villa, a house or a condo

Air and Light

In order for Feng Shui to work, your home needs to have plenty of air and natural light. This means reducing as much clutter as possible, and ensuring that windows are clear and let in plenty of sunlight. Removing clutter allows energy to move freely around the home. In addition, you should add flowers, plants and water features as they will add life forces to your home.

Encourage Love

Arrange your living room in a way that encourages people to sit closer together to talk. Move chairs and sofas away from the walls and bring them closer together, with the front legs on the rug if you have one. This will help to channel love around the home, helping to strengthen relationships.

Make sure that the master bedroom is as cosy as possible also. If there are adjoining rooms, close the doors or curtains to those rooms to help bring you closer together. If you have a very large bed, consider getting a smaller one to help reduce the distance between you and your partner in the evenings.

Doubling Up

Even if you are single, you should avoid arranging your home as though it is for a single person only. If you have a single chair in the corner, add another. Have more than one nightstand in the bedroom, avoid photos with only one person, and so on. Living in a home that is designed for a single person creates energy that encourages a single life. Double up with furniture, and you add energy that encourages love and partnerships.

Fix Leaks

Leaking taps means money going down the drain, and this is symbolic of your finances. Repairing taps to stops leaks will also symbolise stopping leaks financially, helping to stop any leaks in your bank account. Also, be sure to repair any water features that you might have and be sure that you don’t have standing water in the home.

Having imagery of water higher than your noses is symbolic of having your head beneath water. Financially, this means not being able to cope so ensure that any water symbols are below the level of your nose. Keep your head above water, and your finances will be in good shape.

Choosing the Right Colours

Colour has a powerful psychological effect on us, meaning that choosing the right colour in your home is essential. Red in particular symbolises power and wealth, helping to channel auspicious energies around the home. Other positive colours are green and purple, which both have a significant effect on well-being and wealth. Be sure not to use any colours that you don’t like, though, as doing so will have a negative impact on you.

In addition to Feng Shui helping to channel energies around your home in a positive manner, it can also help a great deal in aesthetics. Having a home that looks good helps you to feel comfortable, and being comfortable in your own home will, in itself, go some way toward you being wealthy, happy and well.