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Property Types in Jomtien


In the last several years there has been a construction boom in Jomtien with many new condominiums as well as housing developments being established. It is a very popular area with retired expatriates and Bangkok residents seeking a second home.

It is an affluent area and accommodation is not cheap, and some of the new builds are tending to be more on the luxurious side. As Pattaya City is getting short of available land then Jomtien with its 7km of coastline is rapidly becoming the place to be.

There are numerous marinas, fine dining restaurants and plenty of laid back nightlife to service the growing community. And with its close proximity to the centre of Pattaya it is rapidly becoming one of the most desirable places to live on the Eastern Seaboard.

Jomtien like many places in the greater Pattaya area is a mish mash of mixed developments from condominiums, villas, houses, townhouses and long stay hotels. Some of the best, luxurious and innovatively designed private dwellings are to be found in the Soi’s and small private estates in and around Jomtien.



There are some outstanding houses and villas in Jomtien to choose from. Everything from small private developments with private security to separate individual self build units in small residential soi’s.

Many of these houses have been built and constructed to customer specification and designed by architects. So each is quite unique, individual and offer different living configurations. Some offer pools, gyms, European style kitchens and choices of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Some of the better estates are; View Talay Marina, Chateau Dale, Jomtien Park Village, Jomtien Park Villas, Jomtien Condotel Estate, Palm Oasis, Royal Park Village and View Talay Villas.




There has been a rapid rise and growth of new luxury condominiums in Jomtien by nearly all the main developers.Outstanding developments include; Atlantis, Grand Caribbean, Northpoint, Laguna and many many more.

This new breed of condo is a far cry from the early builds which tended to be less attentive to detail and customer demand. Many of the recent developments offer gyms, restaurants, gardens, multiple pools, themed interiors and exteriors, multiple elevators, underground secure parking, 24hr security and are constructed using modern materials with consideration given to noise pollution.

Existing condominiums in the centre of Jomtien have high residency rate and well know names are; View Talay, Park Royal, Royal Hill, Jomtien Plaza, Grand Condotel, La Royal, Park Lane and Metro Condo.   Like all constructed developments these older condos do not offer the same facilities as their newer brothers. However, where they do have an advantage is often they exist in prime locations.




Although there are not as many townhouses in and about Jomtien than other areas of Pattaya there are still many to choose from. Many are located along Thepprasit Road and Thappraya Road and Jomtien Beach & Jomtien Second Roads.

The benefit of townhouses is often that a small business is operated on the ground floor with living accommodation above on the second and third floors.




These establishments are not really part of the real estate business but exist and are part of the reside

Many of them have long term residents who rent their rooms for over a year, some people actually live permanently there. They charge rates similar to that of the older condos and in some respect offer the same service.

However, the rooms or studios are not available to buy and the building is normally owned by one person or company.