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Real-estate Investment in Pattaya



Scopes for investing in Pattaya

From being a small fishing village in the eastern coast of Thailand up until the early 20th century to the present day sin city that many dream to visit at least once in their lives, Pattaya has come a long way in terms of achieving an international acclamation as a highly progressive beach city. The global recognition that Pattaya has been able to amass is so much so that an entire French-Comedy movie was made on it and released in the year 2016 with even the name of the city itself as the title of the movie ( here is the link for the movie’s trailer- ). With such name and fame, Pattaya has been receiving an increasing number of visits, if not steady, from expats and tourist alike from all corners of the world. Thus, for those of you who have been looking to invest in Thailand or any other parts in Asia for that matter; Pattaya might be that place and also, now would be the opportune time to do so as it is showing a great deal of potential in real-estate investment.


Tourism index of Pattaya

As a prospective investor in real-estate, it is only natural for anyone to be curious about the amount of visits a place receives in which one wants to invest since a stable or even better an increasing figure is one of the key factors that determines the market value of properties. Well, this is something you future investors of Pattaya do not even need to concern yourselves with. Want to know why? That is because Thailand to this date continues to dominate as one of the countries under The MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index (GDCI) with three of its cities in the top 20’s (Pattaya being one of them with a total of not less than 8 million international visitors annually).

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Real-estate options in Pattaya

Another thing that takes up much of an investor’s time is the thought of property types to invest in. But even in this instance, Pattaya will not let you down. Apartments, Villas, Condos, off-plan property projects…name it and Pattaya has a little something for everyone, regardless of their financial background. Also, one of the beauties of investing in real-estate in Pattaya is the fact that the properties are laid out across the city. The general conception of a city center of any city being the most important part and thus, a high market value for the properties is certainly not the case in Pattaya. People come to Pattaya with varied purposes, such as experiencing a taste of the world famous nighty-life on walking street located in the south part of Pattaya and others scattered in the city; vacations and family vacations on the beach front spread out throughout the city at locations which are both bustling and quiet; a spiritual trip to highest point in Pattaya which goes by the name Buddha-hill, a fun-filled trip to world –class museums and galleries, etc. That way, the property value in all the parts of Pattaya is the almost the same with only a mere difference in one’s liking.