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Do you want to live in Pattaya, though you’re too young to retire? See below for tips on how to improve your chances of finding work


Thai Work Permit

Every year, more and more people are flocking to the sandy shores of Pattaya in search of a better way of life. Many people move to Thailand to retire, though there are those who are still of a working age and don’t yet have a pension to rely on. If you’re reading this then the latter if probably the case so you’ll understand full-well that finding work is very important, though not half as straight forward as you may have hoped for.

In fact, there are a tonne of restrictions regarding work permits in Thailand that will (9 times out of 10) make it incredibly difficult for you to find work in your preferred industry. In a nutshell, this is because you will simply never be employed to do a job that a Thai national can do, which I am sure you will agree is fair enough.

But don’t panic though OK? While there is a lot of red tape and a tonne of rules, if you are patient, dedicated and ambitious you will definitely find yourself feeling settled in no time.

Don’t make the mistake of breaking the rules and working without the correct visa or work permit, there can be serious consequences and it can ultimately ruin your chance at enjoying a wonderful life in such a beautiful place.

There are a great deal of Westerners who work in Real Estate in Pattaya, as there is a huge market for it, there are far fewer restrictions and the rewards can be significant if you’re good at it! There are also a number of specialist positions that you may be able to snatch up such as graphic design, although you will have to offer proof of your qualifications.

If you have no formal qualifications it can be a hindrance if you’re looking for managerial jobs in hospitality for example. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, or how perfect you’d be for the job; if you can’t prove it on paper then you’ll have a very difficult time getting your foot in the foyer. That being said…just like anything in life, it’s not necessarily what you know but who you know, so it is also hugely beneficial for you to get out and socialise amongst the other Westerners in the expatriate community to see if you can start building some contacts and charm your way in. (It certainly isn’t unheard of!)


Get out and get involved! You will meet a wealth of people who will have been in your position before, and while they may not always be in a position to offer you work, they’ll likely be able to point you in the right direction or potentially hook you up with somebody that can. Be patient and prove to the people around you that you are both capable and reliable. Nobody wants to recommend someone who is ultimately going to let them down.

If you’re not the social type and you’d rather not be out and about meeting people then there is certainly no shortage of online blogs, job sites and advertisements. You can also try such websites as Thai Visa or Craigslist, as there is often a number of available opportunities that pop up on the regular. 

To sum it up, you should be prepared for disappointment. It’s not going to be as simple as stepping of the plane and walking into work, but it is almost certainly much easier finding work in Thailand when you are actually there. If you can’t line something up before you arrive, don’t stress. You will find work if you are serious about living there, all you need to do is put yourself out there, get your head down and it will ultimately all come good for you. Then you can enjoy the benefits of a steady income in what is arguably one of the most incredible destinations in the world.

Happy Hunting!