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What Type of Accommodation Can You Expect to Find in Pattaya

If you’re planning on staying in Pattaya, then you will need somewhere to live. The good news is that there is a huge range of different types of accommodation for you to choose from. You will generally find that the accommodation in Pattaya is more affordable than in your home town, depending on where you’re from, of course. What you choose will be down to your personal preferences, circumstances and, of course, your budget. As you might expect, you will generally need to pay more the closer you are to the city centre and the beach. If your budget is restricted, it may be necessary to look a little further out to find what you want. Apartments and houses are also available to purchase, and many people choose to purchase with renovation in mind.


Depending on your length of stay, you might find that a hotel is the best option for you. Because pretty much everything regarding your accommodation is handled for you, it is a more convenient option. Pattaya hotels generally range from very basic, to internationally renowned 5-star luxury resorts. You can expect to find the more luxurious, more expensive hotels closer to the beach.  Many will allow you to negotiate a discounted monthly rent if you are expecting to stay for a reasonably long period of time.

Apartments and Condos

As with hotels, you will find apartments and condos that vary considerably in terms of comfort and price. The most basic will offer little more than a bed, bathroom, TV and fan or aircon. Those at the upper end of the range will give you everything that you could possibly need in extremely well-appointed comfort. For those with the budget, luxurious apartments and condos on the upper floors of prestigious residencies offer unhindered views of the bay and city. In the mid-range, you can still find fantastic views, albeit without such luxurious accommodation. In this range, you can also expect to find access to pools, gyms, restaurants and other facilities.

Apartments and condos generally come fully furnished, although it is possible to find them unfurnished if needed. Monthly rent is the norm, and you should also expect to pay a deposit which is usually 2-3 times the monthly rent up front. You will usually be expected to pay utility bills yourself although some, such as an internet connection, will occasionally be included in the price.

Houses and Villas

If you are staying in the long-term, then you will likely want somewhere that is more personal. Houses and villas in Pattaya range from basic and small one-bedroom homes, to sprawling villas that are fit for dignitaries. If you wish to personalise your new home then you will find plenty that have been made available unfurnished, allowing you to add your own furniture and fittings.

You will often find houses and villas within moo-baans. These are gated communities with added security for a safer place to live. Such moo-baans also tend to have communal pools and other facilities such as gyms and play areas for children. If you have the budget, you will also find houses and villas with their own personal pool. If you do choose to rent a home that is not within a gated community, then you should ensure that there is adequate security.

When renting, monthly payments are the norm when it comes to renting houses and villas in Pattaya. It is sometimes possible to negotiate a discounted yearly contract if you are paying up-front. You should also expect to pay a deposit, which would generally be 2-3 times the monthly rate up front. You will often be responsible for arranging your own utilities such as internet and TV channels, but this is fairly easy to do with modern services available.

For the most part, anybody staying in Pattaya should have little difficulty in finding suitable accommodation. Even budget accommodation is usually clean and safe, even if it is basic. There are also many agencies that will be more than happy to help you find somewhere. With a little perseverance, you could find the ideal place that will help make your stay a very pleasant one indeed.