Our team is providing quality renovation services and remodels of residential properties since 2002.
We provide innovative design solutions according to clients requirements and specifications. All the way from planning, construction until completion, we built what we promise within the given time-frame and budget with great attention to details. Our team has served many happy home owners. For your project we are ready to provide the full range of general contractor services, starting from “Early advice” to detailed design proposals, architectural blueprints, building permits and the entire construction or renovation service until you're happily turning the key of your new home.
Swimming Pool
Swimming pool owners know that their pool can provide years of fun and exercise opportunities. Being able to relax by a pool can give a tremendous sense of wellbeing, especially for outdoor pools when the sun shines! Read some more details on how to maintain your pool in Thailand
Hobby Garage
A garage can be much more than the place where you park your car or stash your junk. These ultimate home-garage design show how a heavy-duty upgrade can turn one into a very nice and useful home addition.
Secure Your Home
When we think of a burglar, we think of a stereotypical ski-masked man dressed head to toe in black, crouched down, creeping in the dead of night, carrying a professional break-in artist's ideal toolkit. In reality there's a lot more divderstiy whne it comes to maintaining a safe, secure home. Read all the information you need to keep your home secure while living in Thailand
Airconditioning Basics
If you are en expat in Thailand, coming from a cooler country you may well educated how to use and maintain various home heating systems. Air-conditioning may be new to you. Here are some basic things to know about aircon-care in Thailand.
Remodeling Tips
Consider getting rid of the bathtub. A -big bathtub is a space waster. It is more comfortable and safe to take a shower in a purpose built shower cabin with non-slip floor tiling standing in the slippery tub? Here's Seaboard properties' utimate house-remodelling tips